Monday, March 5, 2012

This Christian Woman is My Hero

This Christian woman is my friend and my hero. She was born in Bahrain, raised in India, educated in the USA, and now she is helping to feed the poor in Africa. She is the wife of one of the Presidential candidates in Mali, West Africa. Mali is the third poorest country in the world. Her name is Marissa Coutinho Samake. She is very young. She and her husband, Yeah Samake have two small children. If you feel inspired, please write her an email and offer to help. There is no intermediate non-profit organization, so anything you give will go directly to help. I got all choked up when I saw this photo because I know this is Marissa's personal email. She has given herself to help these people.

Here is a message from Marissa:
"Went to Farabana to donate some much needed food to the children. Because mothers can't find enough to eat, they are not able to breastfeed effectively. This takes care of one part of the problem. If you want to help with something like this, $50/month will buy food for the children and also enable the woman's co-op to sell the extra food in the neighboring villages. Please email me @ or message me if you are interested in helping. Together we can feed the children of many more villages. Thank you." - Marissa Samake

There is more information about the work that the Samake's are doing at  That print is kind of small, so in case you cannot read it well, you can write to Marissa at or message her through Facebook if you are interested in helping at all. May God bless you with abundance!

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