Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Shroud of Turin and a Blog Treasure

First, the treasure! Check it out: When you have a chance, you might enjoy reading this other blog which also talks about the Shroud of Turin! I found it randomly one evening while I was watching some YouTube videos about studies of the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin is thought to be the 14 foot piece of fabric that Jesus was buried in. There is an image that looks like Jesus on the cloth. Scientists have studied the cloth and have proven that the image is not painted nor burned onto the cloth. The image is not deeply embedded into the fibers of the fabric and has been tested and photographed thoroughly. At least one man, Dr. John Jackson, who holds a PhD in Physics has made the study of the Shroud his life's work.  He leads a team at the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, and you can find more information here:

Here are links to the first of a series of six YouTube videos which reports the findings of some scientists who have studied the Shroud of Turin and developed an image of the face depicted in the cloth.  You can find the other five episodes on YouTube.

I was so fascinated by the convincing evidence! I also thought about the images painted by the child artist, Akiane, and the faces were so similar. I contacted the team of Dr. John Jackson with a question: According to your research, how tall was Jesus? They responded that they calculate that he was 5'10" and about 170 pounds. Of course, his appearance is not important. I want to recognize him when I see him again!

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing Jesus again. I am grateful that in Romans 8:16-17 of the New Testament, I learn that I am literally his child and therefore an heir. It is great to know that through obedience and following his guidance and the instructions of the Holy Ghost that I have the potential to become like him. Christ has commanded us to become perfect, as he is. So, I am grateful that there is a way provided to do this. He is the Way (John 14:6) and that can be the topic of another blog post! :D

May your day be beautiful and peaceful!

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