Sunday, July 8, 2012



This is how I picture Jesus. Alive. Well. Full of joy. Full of light. Taking time to enjoy the small things.

We can read about Jesus of Nazareth in The New Testament. Here is a link to the New Testament:  At the top of this website page, you can change the language to something more familiar to you. The New Testament is a historical record of what Jesus did while he was on the earth during his mortal ministry.

There is also another book which gives a historical account of Jesus while he visited his people in ancient days who lived on the continent that is now called America. This is called The Book of Nephi and the link to the part about Jesus starts here:  As you read, you will see that what happened on Calvary affected people who lived on the other side of the earth, as well. It is a remarkable account. From this book we get a second record of the divinity and mission of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

As always, if you struggle with having faith in Jesus Christ, feel free to lean on me until you get your own faith. Even though I have never seen Jesus face-to-face, the evidence that he is close-by is everywhere. When we see Him again, we will feel like we are all one family. I promise.

Side note: I apologize that I do not know the name of the artist on this drawing. If you know it, please leave the name in the comments. Thank you!

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