Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Christian Running for President in a 90% Muslim Country in Africa

We have a friend named N. Yeah Samake. He is from a village called Ouelesseebougou in Mali. Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa. They call it Sub-Saharan because it is just below the Sahara Desert. It is hot most of the time, with temperatures often reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit. (Over 48 degrees Celsius). As a child growing up with 17 siblings, his father insisted that the children would get an education to help them break out of the cycle of poverty. Even though there were many, many times he and his family went to bed hungry, all of the children received an education and are now enjoying the fruit of their labors. Yeah is now a well-respected Mayor there.

He moved to the United States at the beginning of this millennium to complete his graduate level university studies. Fairly soon upon arriving to the United States, he converted to Christianity. His family remains Muslim, but he and his wife are Christian. His family and his countrymen are supportive of his religious choice. 

In 2011, Mayor Samake announced that he would run for President in Mali in 2012. The election is on April 29, 2012. He has many large groups of young people who are anxious for him to win because his platform includes transparency and integrity. He also has the endorsement of many other mayors in Mali. I have heard people in the USA tell him "I wish you could run for President here!" He wants to help his fellow countrymen raise their country from poverty up to the level of an emerging nation.

Samake will be the first to tell you that he cannot do this alone. If you feel motivated by his courage and leadership ability, please consider reading more about him at . You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter @YeahSamake and @TeamSamake Another place to read about what is going on in Mali is through Yeah's wife's blog at . She even has Bambara lessons in her blog! (In Mali, they speak Bambara, French, and some English.)

Of course, donations are welcome. Most importantly, your prayers on Mayor Samake's behalf and the behalf of his country's citizens are very welcome. Luke 1:37 says that "with God, nothing shall be impossible." I believe that - and I know you do, too. 

Pronunciation guide:
YAY SAHM uh kay = Yeah Samake
Way lay say BOO goo = Ouelesseebougou
MAH lee = Mali

Thank you for reading and thank you for your prayers!

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