Thursday, December 8, 2011

What If We Could Love One Another?

What if we all got along? What if we were able to "love one another" as Jesus told us to do? What would this world be like?

We have each been given the power to choose for ourselves how we will manage our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sometimes we don't feel like we have choices, but we always have a choice. We must be brave and choose to love our fellow man, even in the face of hatred and fear. If we can love one another, the world will become a better place.

While we are choosing our actions, we should consider how our actions will affect others. Will they have a positive impact or a negative impact? Will our actions cause a ripple effect?

We can always ask Heavenly Father for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If we close this prayer "in the name of Jesus", we can rest assured that our prayer was heard by the great God who is Our Father in Heaven.

In following Jesus, we can become a loving soul.  The world can be healed.

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