Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love is What Life is About

On my first blog yesterday I wrote about near death experiences (NDE). They have been happening to people for a long time. It is not a new thing, but with the availability of internet, the stories are more available. The other night I watched some NDE stories on the internet. I made sure that I was in the family room with other people around and it was brightly lit. I didn't want to get weirded out. The stories I read affected me in a good way. I did not get weirded out at all. With my already substantial understanding of the holy scriptures, while listening to these stories, I was able to better understand what Jesus expects from us and what "Paradise" in heaven may be like.

Here is a website you can use if you want to hear some of these stories firsthand:  My favorites are Betty Eadie and Vicky Noratuk. I have also read "The Message" by Lance Richardson and liked it a lot, especially the second half when he is describing the experience. Another good book is "Return from Tomorrow" by George Ritchie. I am looking forward to reading "Heaven is for Real". Here is the website for that book This is the story of a four year old who had an NDE. His name is Colton Burpo in Nebraska, USA and it happened several years ago. I heard him on an interview on YouTube when he said "I learned heaven is real and you are going to like it."

You know, I could intellectualize all day about what I would think Jesus expects from us, but please forgive my simplicity when I say that He wants us to love one another. We should serve one another and love one another. End of story.

What do I do with that, right? Because now I feel like I should have more love for all living creatures. I even looked at our Yorkie yesterday and said to her, "Does this mean I have to love you more?" She is kind of yappy and sometimes tries my patience. Haha!  But truly it is all about relationships. The only things you get to take with you: knowledge and relationships. And our personalities will be the same, too. If we are Oscar the Grouch or Eeyore here on earth, we will be there, too! ;D

So, what relationships do I need to make better? And does this mean that instead of worrying about myself and my problems that I should now reach out to others? Selfishness breeds so many problems. I can see where being the opposite of selfish (selfless), would actually be more productive.
Here are stories of people reaching out to serve and show love to their fellow man: and  There are so many ways to give service. Even small acts of service can go a long way to make someone's day better. Jesus said "Love one another."

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