Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Learned or Was Reminded of While Watching Videos of the Experiences People Have Had with the Life after Earth Life

Yesterday I took the time to watch several YouTube videos about people’s experiences with near death experiences (NDE). I learned or was reminded of several things. And there were common experiences that were brought up over and over again.

The people who have experienced NDEs all expressed that they felt love. They felt so much love that they did not want to come back to earth. For various reasons, they were told warmly but firmly that they had to come back. One little boy had to come back because God was answering his father’s prayer to bring him back. Others were told that they had not yet completed their mission here in life.

It is an interesting thing about the “mission” in life: apparently you cannot be told what it is or else you would hurry and do it so that you could return back to God’s presence right away. In completing your mission too quickly you would miss out on learning experiences, which is another reason we are here in our mortal bodies on earth.

When they spoke of meeting Jesus, they said they already knew him and that they were remembering him from before. They all confirmed that God is good. They confirmed that Jesus in all his glory is brighter than the noon day sun and that he is a being of light even though he is in the form of a man with arms and legs, a face, etc. (The little boy said his eyes were sea blue.) The common thread of love and attention from our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus, confirmed for us that everything happens for our good, even though we do not recognize it at the time. During each of their near death experiences, they were shown things which uniquely made them feel comfortable: Things for which they had a reference point.

They said that there were people and ancestors “on the other side” to greet them and that they were not allowed past a certain point. In two instances, their tale was the same; that Jesus put his hand up and firmly said, “No”. Indicating that they could not pass a certain point. However, neither of them knew what would happen if they did cross that point. They assumed that if they did, then they would not be able to return to earth.

Communication between their spirits and the other beings they saw was not by any particular language. They could understand, even though they were not receiving knowledge through their native language. They said it was like they just knew things - things that they could never begin to understand on earth like complex math and music.

Every one of them expressed that they had a body and that they could feel it - like their own earthly bodies only a lot lighter. In fact, one petite little lady said that her earthly body feels heavy and clay-like now. She also said that she had a dim light in her spiritual body which intensified as she learned more of spiritual things on her NDE journey. They talked as if they had all the same senses that we have on earth. One lady is blind on earth, so it took her a little while to adjust to being able to see: She had to figure things out. They described feelings within themselves as they experienced emotions and movement. One lady said that when she tried to touch the arm of the nurse working on her, her hand passed through the nurse’s arm with no response from the nurse. And several of them mentioned that when they tried to talk or shout to the medical staff, nobody could hear them. So, it seems that in the spirit they could touch other spiritual things, but they could not touch or communicate with earthly things.

Music and math were mentioned a lot. Light was mentioned a lot. Several people said there were colors that they had never seen before here on earth. A couple of them mentioned that even the blades of grass were shining with light and one girl said that the grass was happy she was walking on it.

The little boy was only 4 when he had his near death experience and he said that Heavenly Father was huge. He said God was so big that he could hold the earth in the palm of his hand.
Travel and time were completely different than what we are accustomed to on earth. They said they could travel very quickly and as soon as they thought about someplace, they were instantaneously headed toward the thing that they had just thought about. When they wanted to go slower they could. They all said there is not time in a linear fashion like we know it here. One lady tried to explain her perception of time and said it was not linear, but it was like layers of dimensions all happening congruently.

Several times I heard that they saw their life in “review” and as they were watching their life events, they not only saw their own perception of what was happening, but could understand and feel the emotions of all the other people involved in that event.

A couple of people were being interviewed and asked how they knew it was not something other than a near death experience. They had different answers. The blind lady said it could not have been something she imagined because she was born blind and had no idea or concept of what sight was like. Another lady said she had experienced hallucinations when she had lost a lot of blood in childbirth and it was nothing similar. They were sure that this was nothing earthly. They had a difficult time trying to explain their experiences in words.

One man was saying that he is an intellectual here on earth and when he had his near death experience he was very surprised to learn that eternal things are not based on intellectual pursuits at all. He was chuckling as he explained that his intellectual interest was not necessary or even considered over there.

In summary, then, we know from these NDE people that Jesus is alive and well and living in heaven with God, our Heavenly Father. They are two separate beings with a form similar to ours except theirs is filled with an extremely higher intensity of light. There is a place called heaven which is ruled by love and there is a place of pain and suffering which is ruled by fear. One lady said that the people in the horrible place knew they were stuck there and their only hope is that nobody else would have to come there and experience that awful state of misery and literal pain.
We also know that we are loved. In hearing all these stories and experiences combined with my own prior research, it was again confirmed in my mind that God and Jesus know us and we know them. We cannot remember them right now because we are here, away on assignment, to accomplish some goals. We are loved beyond our comprehension and even in our darkest hour we are not alone. We are all in the same family with God our father. He resides in a luminescent place that many called Heaven. (I think it is nice that the word is so close to “haven”.)

The most important thing for us to do on this earth is to accept Jesus and what he did for us. I know that sounds trite and overused. From what the NDE people said, that is the most important thing to realize. The next action step for us is to share this message with all other people that we can so that they can make the choice to accept Jesus. It sounds too simple and we like to make things more complex than that. But that is it: Love Jesus and God and tell others about them.
I find this topic very interesting and as I listen to their NDE stories, it feels like somewhere in the far recesses of my brain, I recollect and can envision some of the things they speak of. I hope to have time to hear more stories from people of other cultures and countries. The ones I heard were so far were all in English.

I would like to mention that I think it is awesome that these people are coming forth in the media to share their stories which can now be added to the accounts of prophets in The Holy Bible and The Book of Mormon, two books that I find very informative about Elohim, God our Heavenly Father and Jehovah, also known as His Son and our eldest brother, Jesus Christ. They both have many other names and titles by which they are known throughout the history of the earth.

If you are interested in hearing more or have information on the topic to share, please contact me via email at to give me your email address. I will let you know if I learn anything further. (FYI, I’m only using this email account for this and will not pass your email information to anyone else.)


  1. I have not had a NDE but I have had strong and impressionable dreams which taught me many of these same principles giving me a witness for myself. I believe that God inspires men today as he did in ancient times and that Jesus is not the Father, but is at the center of the Father's purposes. God is a God of love and his way empowers us while Satan is a being who uses fear to accomplish his purposes. Mostly, I have come to know that they are very real beings who move with power and influence in our lives. We are blessed with peace and purpose when we choose the Father's way. Thank you for this posting it was very enjoyable to read.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It is very specific. And thank you for reading this post. I look forward to reading any future posts you may be inspired to write. This has been up for less than one day and there are 21 visits, including one from Germany. When the film you are working on or will work on is ready, I'd like to put a link on this blog. The war is being waged. We know the outcome, but I hope many people will come unto Jesus and know their Heavenly Father loves them.
    Thank you again! With love.